Easy Kitchen Garden Kit - 25 Plant Starts

Easy Kitchen Garden Kit - 25 Plant Starts

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Summer veggie, herb, and flower starts - to supply your kitchen table with flavor and color all summer long. All plants are easy-to-grow in Wyoming's short season climate. Many unique varieties, started from seed or cuttings for our own garden. Robust, premium plants come in 2" deep pots or 4-packs, hardened off and ready to plant. The kit of 25 plants will fill ~40 sq ft of garden space (and/or containers) that is in full/part sun. Growing tips included in each Kit.

Pickup date will be last week of May or first week of June, depending on weather. You will be notified by email and phone when the plants are ready for pick up at Dandelion Floral Studio.

The exact mix of plants in the Kit will be determined once we see how everything germinates, but here's what we are hoping to have:
- Cutting / Pollinator Flowers: cosmos, bachelor buttons, and snapdragons
- Velour Bush Beans
- Bush Cucumbers
- Hot Peppers
- Kale/Tatsoi
- Sungold Tomatoes
- Brandywine Tomatoes
- Zucchini squash (all you need is one)
- Tricolor Sage
- Chives (perennial)
- Thyme (perennial)
- Greek Oregano (perennial)
- Rosemary 
- Basil

Since we are growing these plants for you from seed that may not produce as planned, Dandelion Floral reserves the right to substitute varieties as needed.

No refunds are available once your order has been placed. We spend several months growing these plants and put them on reserve once you've placed your order. Therefore we can not offer any refunds if you are unable to pick up your Kit for any reason.